Left Hook IO Plans & Credits Explained

Last Updated January 2020

Before You Begin

Below this box lies a detailed explanation of Left Hook's many pricing options and IO Plan policies.

Be sure to review these two overview pages first:

These pages offer important context. Be sure to read them first before attempting to understand our IO Plan system detailed below.

Ready to dive into the details? Your IO Plan purchasing journey begins with Step 1 below.

Step 1: Ready Report

Our process begins with your purchase of Ready Report.

(Return to this page to learn more about the Ready Report process, or to purchase for $495.)

A Ready Report contains three sections:

The first is a Competitive Analysis, where we analyze your competitors and recap what integrations they currently support, with a specific focus (at this moment) on what they have available on Zapier. We also assess your current integrations and compare your offerings to your nearest competitors.

The second is a Developer Experience (DX) and API Review, documenting our critiques, concerns, and compliments regarding how your API and overall DX presents to developers.

The third is an Integration Opportunity Assessment, where we recommend platforms, marketplaces, directories, and direct partnerships that could be productive Integration Opportunities for your SaaS app.

We’ll also provide our breakdown on what could be built today without any further API development on your end, versus which opportunities could be enabled later after additional development is complete.

Read a sample Ready Report

Step 2: Understanding IO Plan Credits

After building connectors and apps for almost four years for over 60 different SaaS companies, we've learned that each client has a unique API, a focused set of needs, and their own mindset for evaluating the value of outsourced integrations.

IO Plan Credits are units of value that can be redeemed for our services. When we state the “cost” of a new feature or improvement, we will always quote you in credits.

This credit system offers a flexible and transparent pricing structure that scales easily to match size and complexity of your unique integration.

Coupled with a subscription, you'll be able to budget this work on a predictable monthly or annual cost.  Because we allow customers to purchase Off-Plan Credits anytime to augment your credit balance, you and Left Hook will both enjoy both predictability and flexibility.

Over time, you'll experience a consistent but nuanced logic to our pricing that is a hard to grasp in the abstract. We find our customers going from "huh?" to "ah ha!" shortly after negotiating their first Integration Opportunity Order (more on those below.)

While initially confusing, you'll come to appreciate why we price our work using IO Plan Credits.

Step 3: Budgeting Credits and Purchasing an IO Plan

Once we've worked together to determine your desired integration(s) and the number of IO Credits needed to achieve them, we'll write up our understanding of your desired outcome in a Proposal for Credit Usage, or PCU.

Along side this PCU, we'll submit a IO Plan Subscription Proposal, which will suggest the right plan to meet your requirements.

Subscribing to an IO Plan means you're making a 12 month commitment to working with Left Hook; we make the same commitment.

However, you can pay month-to-month or upfront.

When paying monthly, you are allowed to use half of your total annual IO Plan Credits in the first six months of the Plan Year, and the remainder in the second six months.

When pre-paying for your IO Plan in advance, you are allowed to use all of your available IO Plan Credits without hesitation.

We call this "unlocking;" prepaying in full "unlocks" your credits for immediate full use.

Step 4: Additional Required Add-ons

In addition to your monthly IO Plan fee, Left Hook charges two other separate add-ons that merit explanation:

1) The Required "Launch Pack" for $1,000 (One-Time Fee)

This is a required one-time, upfront purchase of five IO Plan Credits for $1,000 (our Launch Pack). These five credits are in addition to the credits provided through your IO Plan.

The Launch Pack buys credits you'll need to kick off your first integration build. It also gives Left Hook some immediate funding to spend valuable time thoroughly scoping your first integration build.

2) The Required Annual Support Plan ($200/month ongoing)

Additionally, you will also subscribe to our Annual Support Plan in the same transaction.

The Annual Support Plan is billed at $200 per month. However, the first (ever) month is always free (removed by automatic coupon code.) You won't see this charge applied to your account until Month 2 of your Plan Year.

Please note that the "first month free" is a one-time, first-time ever discount only. (You won't receive the discount again in subsequent years.)

What's the Total?

Here is what your first month's charge would look like, assuming a Bronze IO Plan paid monthly:

Note that this screenshot shows your initial payment, which includes a 100% coupon for the first month's support fee.

It's also important that you also review our even-more detailed Terms of Service, to which you will agree as part of the checkout process when purchasing any IO Plan.

Step 5: Signing a Proposal for Credit Usage (PCU)

Before you commit to spending any credits, we will prepare a draft Proposal for Credit Usage (PCU). This PCU will lay out what we will build, the number of IO Plan Credits to be used, the functionality to be delivered, and any other important considerations we all want to formally document.

We ask for a signature on any PCU before proceeding. Think of this step as the final triple-check before your IO Plan Credits start to expend.

We will produce a PCU each time we are about to expend your credits. You will need to sign each one, thus confirming our agreement to proceed.

Step 6: Communication and Development Process

At the signing of your first PCU, Left Hook will provide you access to both our communication and project tracking channels.

Our preferred method of communication is a shared Slack channel, with email being our secondary (and less preferred) channel.

At various points during the development process, a face-to-face video meeting might be most efficient. Left Hook will schedule such a call with you via Zoom as needed.

Step 7: Ongoing Support

As also explained in Step 4 above, we require an Annual Support Plan to be purchased concurrently with any IO Plan.

Our Annual Support Plan is distinctly different from our IO Plan. It provides a limited number of Support Interaction Minutes (SIMs) that can be used to communicate with us about bugs and end-customer issues.

Make sure to review the very detailed explanation of how our Support works below. We also have distinct Terms of Service for Support that require your agreement upon purchase.

Step 8. Additional PCUs

When you're ready, we will return to the scoping discussion and produce another PCU for discussion.

And before we expend any additional IO Plan Credits, we will be sure to present a PCU for signature as per above.

Step 9. Upgrading or Purchasing Off-Plan Credits

As the Plan Year progresses, you may decide you want to expend more credits than purchased in your initial IO Plan. At any time you may upgrade your IO Plan to a higher level to access more credits.

Doing so will reset your plan year to the date of upgrade, but you retain any credits already purchased.

Need a few more credits, but not interested in upgrading and renewing? We sell Off-Plan credits to fill any gap without committing you to an ongoing higher tier plan.

Off Plan Credits are $250/credit prepaid.

IMPORTANT! Read Full Terms of Service FIRST

Yup, this is complicated stuff. We don't expect any prospective to read this and subscribe without having an initial conversation, and preferably a completed Ready Report. (Chat with us anytime!)

We also have extensive Terms of Service and expect you to read them before purchasing, at which time you'll have to agree to them.

We wrote our terms in plain English because we want all our clients to understand the mutual commitment made under this credit-based model.

Six IO Plan Options

Annual Plan Credits
(Including Launch Pack)
Max Avail in Months 1-6
(Including Launch Pack)
Estimated #
Simple Integrations
Price Per Month
(Including Support)
Unlocked Price
(Total of IO Plan, Launch Pack, and Support for first 12 months)








IMPORTANT: If you'd prefer to prepay for your IO Plan and thus "unlock" all your credits, please contact us for payment details.

Prepaid plans are invoiced through a separate billing system and are required to be paid by check or ACH. Contact us to discuss.

Annual Support Plan Details

Left Hook will support both its code and your customers through our Annual Support Plan. The Annual Support Plan is a separate but required charge in addition to your IO Plan and Launch Pack fees.

Support Interaction Minutes (SIMs)Left Hook provides proactive support. Should issues be discovered or reported, we will resolve them without hesitation. Our proactive support model consumes your purchased Support Interaction Minutes (SIMs) automatically
Response TimeFirst response w/in 72 hours after initial interaction. Fixes/solutions will be provided within 7 work days
InitiationSupport Interaction can be initiated by your users via tickets, your team members via Slack or email, or by Left Hook’s staff via routine monitoring
Example IssueSeveral users report that one Connector is not mapping fields correctly. We investigate and discover that your API endpoint changed slightly. We push a fix to any/all affected platforms
Minimum Time10 minutes for any single Interaction
Max Time240 minutes for any single Interaction; exceeding requires customer approval
Monthly BillingIf subscribing monthly, consume up to 800 SIMs within the first six months of your plan year
Unlocked (Annual Prepaid)If prepaid upfront, 1600 SIMs are available during your plan year
Out of SIMs?Out of SIMs? You will be automatically charged when you exceed your SIMs. Make sure to read our Support Terms
DeliveryIncident logging and code updates tested and deployed through GitHub or similar tooling; communication via email, Slack, or scheduled Zoom meetings/calls

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read our Terms of Service for additional details.

"Support Only" Plan for $450/month

If you wants Left Hook to support your integration opportunities (i.e. your Zapier Public App) but are not interested in subscribing to an IO Plan, we offer a standalone "Support Only" package for $450 per month.

This "Support Only" option includes the same amount of Incidents and Inquires detailed above.

Note that for the equivalent of $512 per month you can instead purchase our Bronze IO Plan and a discounted Annual Support Plan (down to $200 per month, with the first month free).

The Bronze plan includes a limited number of IO Plan credits sufficient to make small improvements to your app/connector(s) each plan year.

Regardless, please sure to read our Annual Support Plan Terms of Service before purchasing.