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We build Integrations for these Marketplaces:

Zapier Public App
Stripe App
Crossbeam Partner Cloud App
Hubspot Partner App

What do you mean by


SaaS leaders use many different terms for what we build:

"Native Integration"

"Product Partnership"

"Self-Serve Integration"

"No-Code Integration"

"Direct Integration"

"API Connector"

"Technical Partnership"

"Productized Integration"

We are 100% focused on building integrations that are self-serve, no-code experiences usable by your non-technical customers.

Integrations are often the key enabler for SaaS partnerships. That's why we call them "Integration Opportunities."

See a list the many marketplaces and app stores where Left Hook can help your product team launch quickly.

Why Integrations Matter to SaaS Success:


"RollWorks customers using four or more integrations are 135% more likely to renew vs customers that use just one integration."

Mike Stocker

"Our data shows that customers [using] 5 or more integrations are willing to pay 20% or more for the same core product." [Source]

Patrick Campbell

"Customers who integrate FreshBooks yield a 30.7% higher LTV than those who don't integrate."

George Kyriakis
Matt Sornson

"Clearbit customers who integrate with Zapier are 20% less likely to churn." [Source]

Matt Sornson

Quotes are are either used with author's consent or republished from existing public sources cited above.

Not intended to express any endorsement of Left Hook or its services. Contact us with questions or concerns.


Integration Opportunities

We build integrations/apps for these Marketplaces (and many more):

Zapier Public App
Stripe App
Crossbeam Partner Cloud App
Hubspot Partner App
Salesforce AppExchange App
Microsoft Power Automate Connector
QuickBooks App
Ironclad Integration
Gorgias App
Coda Pack
ActiveCampaign App
Airwallex Integration
Zendesk App
Atlassian App
Yotpo Integration
Shopify App
Trello Power-Up
Slack App
Freshworks App
Terminus Integration
Front App
Zoom Video App
FreshBooks App
Intercom App
Mailchimp App
Drift App
ConnectWise App
Microsoft Teams App
Asana App
Clio App
Google Chat Bot
Workplace by Facebook App


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