Integration Opportunity:

Focusing on customer support and user-friendly products, Zendesk excels in providing customers with the resources they need to solve customer support interactions. Create live chat and messaging services, implement call center software, and even establish an online knowledge base for your users to access at any time.

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Zendesk App Dimensions


  • 100K to 1M
  • Small (Under $10M)
  • Mid-Cap ($10M-$50M)
  • Enterprise ($50M-$500M)
  • External Marketplace
  • Inside App UI
  • Social Media
  • Press Release / Newsletter
  • Joint Promotion
  • Event Perks

A public company, Zendesk reported Q2 2019 revenue 0f $194.6 million from +145,000 paid customer accounts in +160 countries.

Depending on your app’s size and user base demographics, Zendesk’s outstanding partner team may work with you to co-promote to its large customer base, including monthly blog posts and email newsletter mentions.



  • Internal UI
  • Target App's UI
  • Point-to-Point

Zendesk’s developer tooling can support several different use cases and user experiences, beginning with basic data syncing and workflow automation between the Zendesk Suite and most any third party application (i.e. CRM, accounting/invoicing, etc.)

Zendesk goes beyond a typical API by offering two robust UI integration possibilities:

  • Provide access to your app’s data and functions from within the “Agent Interface” for Support or Chat;
  • Embed Zendesk data and functions within your app, using Embeddables, which “provide your site visitors or mobile app users with Zendesk functionality such as ticketing, knowledge base access, live chat, talk, and Answer Bot.”


  • Third Party

Publishing Cost: Zendesk does not charge any fee to publish your App in their Marketplace.

Code Hosting Cost: Zendesk DX facilitates some functions, but most of integration’s code will run on an independent third-party server like AWS or Heroku. Left Hook will build custom UI elements for user authentication, field mapping, and related implementation steps. These costs will scale depending on number of users and the amount of data moving between apps; for most SaaS companies, this secure infrastructure will cost between $50 and $200 per month. Contact us to explore these costs in greater detail.