About Left Hook

Left Hooksters is a team of workhorse developers focused on building and managing universal integrations for SaaS companies.

For a small team, we pack a lot of punches. We write, code, test, and hustle. We measure, analyze, recalibrate, and improve. And most important: we learn fast - the true killer app of the digital age.

Check out our collective expertise in building integrations for our SaaS clients.


Co-Founders & Leaders


Tom Elliott

Co-Founder & CEO

Sean Matthews

Co-Founder & COO/CTO

Left Hook Digital began as ElliottRand Marketing & Communications in 2012 to serve education, software, professional services, and manufacturing clients.

After renaming to Left Hook Digital in 2014, we slimmed down our full-service digital marketing agency to focus on API-driven integration for SaaS customers.

In 2016 we began to narrow into building integrations for other software companies. We are now 100% focused on our SaaS clients and their specific needs.

And What's with the Name?

Nope, it's not about boxing. The founders of ElliottRand Marketing & Communications, Tom Elliott and Sandra Rand, are both proud southpaws.

Never in love with our law firm-esque v1.0 name, we brainstormed a dozen mediocre alternatives. In a moment of frustration before testing the best of the several bad choices, Sandra had a eureka moment when she asked to put "Left Hook" up against Tom's top choice, "Convincing Action." You can guess which name was the overwhelming crowd favorite.

Thanks for reading our story. Now let us help write yours. Contact us today to begin the conversation.