Integration Opportunity:

Zoom is the video-first unified communications platform that everyone is talking about in 2020. In 2019 Zoom boasted millions of users and incredible 78% YoY revenue growth, with nearly 82,000 paying customer organizations.

And this was before the “work from home” COVID-19 mandates put Zoom on express elevator to tens of millions of users. Yet the Zoom App Marketplace remains under 350 apps- a small crowd for an enormous audience. Competitors like GoToMeeting, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Workplace by Facebook are running fast to catch up with Zoom.

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Zoom Video App Dimensions


  • 1M to 10M
  • Very Small (Under $1M)
  • Small (Under $10M)
  • Mid-Cap ($10M-$50M)
  • External Marketplace
  • Inside App UI
  • Social Media
  • Press Release / Newsletter
  • Email to Users
  • Joint Promotion

Zoom’s growth over the past 12 months is astounding. With an undisclosed user base in the many millions, Zoom’s public filings do boast over 82,000 paid customer orgs (customers) in 2019- before the Coronavirus turned Zoom into a household name. Meanwhile, Zoom’s App Marketplace remains relatively small (under 350 apps as of 4/6/2020.) Zoom’s marketers aren’t shy about promoting new partnerships, with blog posts and press releases common.


  • Internal UI
  • Target App's UI
  • Point-to-Point

Zoom’s integration management UX is variable. Some “Account-level” apps choose to require a Zoom account manager to pre-approve their use by their sub-users; other “user-level” apps can be installed w/o manager approval. Once enabled, each app is responsible for the configuration UX, with the exception of some larger partners like Google Calendar.


  • Third Party

Publishing Cost: Zoom does not charge any fee to publish your App in their App Directory.

Code Hosting Cost: Zoom’s platform facilitates some functions, but most of integration’s code will run on an independent third-party server like Azure, AWS, or Heroku. Left Hook will also need to build custom UI elements for user authentication, field mapping, and related implementation steps. These costs will scale depending on number of users and the amount of data moving between apps; for most SaaS companies, this secure infrastructure will cost between $50 and $200 per month. Contact us to explore these costs in greater detail.