Google Chat Bot

Integration Opportunity:

Lost amid G Suite’s better-known offerings, Google Chat is now a “unified messaging platform” with over six million customer organizations and billions of potential users.

Like its competitors Slack,  Microsoft Teams, Workplace by Facebook, and Webex Teams, users can install a Google chatbot representing and interacting with your SaaS inside a Room. Your mutual users can receive timely notifications, create new tasks in a project management tool, or dial a new call.

Get a Google Chat Bot for your SaaS

Insider Details:

Market Opportunity

With over six million paid business customers and billions of users, G Suite provides a massive audience. Yet the nascent Google Chat “bot catalog” offers fewer than 100 integrations. Eager to attract more entrants to its chatbot marketplace, Google’s team is promoting several SaaS partners in blog posts and press releases.

  • 50M+
  • Very Small (Under $1M)
  • Small (Under $10M)
  • Mid-Cap ($10M-$50M)
  • Enterprise ($50M-$500M)
  • External Marketplace
  • Social Media
  • Press Release / Newsletter
  • Email to Users
  • Joint Promotion

User Experience

  • Internal UI
  • Target App's UI
  • Point-to-Point

G Suite users can discover and add new chatbots from inside their Google Chat UI. While the setup/authorization flow may require UI elements implemented from your app, use of the actual chatbot happens inside the Google Chat app. Once installed, your chatbot can send plain text messages or display information inside “cards.” These cards can both display simple content (i.e. text and pictures) and/or include interactive features like action buttons.


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