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A phoenix rising, the ancient Webex is now  a unified communications platform beloved by an astounding 95% of the Fortune 500. Soon after the COVID19 crisis began, Cisco reported over 324 million Webex users and an astonishing 3,300 new customer organizations- in a single week.

Competing with Slack, Microsoft Teams, Workplace for Facebook, and G Suite’s Chat & Meet, Webex’s “App Hub” is a small (under 170 apps) but growing marketplace with plenty of room for your SaaS’s logo.

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Cisco Webex App Dimensions


  • 50M+
  • Mid-Cap ($10M-$50M)
  • Enterprise ($50M-$500M)
  • Giants ($500M+)
  • External Marketplace
  • Inside App UI
  • Social Media
  • Press Release / Newsletter
  • Email to Users
  • Joint Promotion

Cisco doesn’t report its total number of Webex customers, but it’s happy to boast 324 million users in March 2020, with 95% of the Fortune 500 as customers. The COVID19 crisis sparked a sales resurgence, with a reported 3,300 customer organizations signing up in a single week. Its strong security story and well-integrated hardware also gives Cisco an unmatched foothold into larger enterprises like banks and government. It’s “App Hub” Marketplace and developer platform is gaining traction with SaaS partners integrating into both Meetings and Teams, but remains a very small list (under 170) for such a very large user base.


  • Internal UI
  • Target App's UI
  • Point-to-Point

Webex offers a range of user experiences backed by extensive APIs. Inside Teams, users can install “bots” that interact through messaging to send notifications and to receive written commands. Bots can also be used to guide users through the configuration of an integration in a step-by-step process, to include links that open specific modal windows used to make integration setup choices like SSO or entering an access token.

Apps can also leverage interactive cards that appear inside Webex “Spaces” (akin to Slack “channels”) with buttons and other interaction elements. And last but not least, its Widgets feature makes it easy to embed both Teams inside your UI, so that your users can create meetings and even chat with colleagues from within your product’s UI.


  • Internal
  • Target App

Publishing Cost: Cisco Webex does not charge any fee to publish your app in their App Hub.

Code Hosting Cost: Depending on the use cases you choose to enable, there may be some third-party infrastructure needed. Let’s talk through your options.