Let us support your integrations with our Annual Support Plan.

You will receive the first-ever month of support FREE, with an additional eleven additional payments of $300 per month ($3,600 prepaid annually).

Our Support Plan includes time for our team to communicate, troubleshoot, and push fixes for existing features that stop working due to a bug or unexpected change.

Tier 2 SupportLeft Hook does not communicate directly with your end-customers. We will communicate with your CSM team in response to issues vetted first by your front-line support team and then raised to us via Slack or an email ticket.
Support Interaction Minutes (SIMs)Left Hook provides proactive support. Should issues be discovered or reported, we will resolve them without hesitation. Our proactive support model consumes your purchased Support Interaction Minutes (SIMs) automatically
Response TimeFirst response w/in 72 hours after initial interaction. Fixes/solutions will be provided within 7 work days
InitiationSupport Interaction can be initiated by your users via tickets, your team members via Slack or email, or by Left Hook’s staff via routine monitoring
Example IssueSeveral users report that one Connector is not mapping fields correctly. We investigate and discover that your API endpoint changed slightly. We push a fix to any/all affected platforms
Minimum Time10 minutes for any single Interaction
Max Time240 minutes for any single Interaction; exceeding requires customer approval
Monthly BillingIf subscribing monthly, consume up to 750 SIMs within the first six months of your plan year
Unlocked (Annual Prepaid)If prepaid upfront, 1500 SIMs are available during your plan year
Out of SIMs?Out of SIMs? You will be automatically charged when you exceed your SIMs. Make sure to read our Support Terms
DeliveryIncident logging and code updates tested and deployed through GitHub or similar tooling; communication via email, Slack, or scheduled Zoom meetings/calls

Last Updated 8/1/2022. Be sure to read our Support Terms of Service for additional details.