The Frigg Integration Framework

Accelerating Integration the Open Source Way

Last Updated: April 2022

The Frigg Framework is Left Hook's approach to solving the hard integration challenges faced by SaaS leaders.

Frigg's potential for your SaaS is best explained in detail in our Frigg Overview: Key Concepts & Considerations white paper (PDF).

But if you need to TL;DR version, here's a summary:

What is Frigg?

Frigg is an open software framework built by Left Hook to accelerate development of universal integrations with your tech partners.

Frigg Puts the "Tech" in "Tech Partnerships"

Frigg accelerates development of high-value universal integrations. From simple one-way automations to richly embedded “UX surfaces,” Frigg enables the right use cases and feature that make your end-customers delighted and your partnerships flourish.

Frigg-powered integrations are configurable from within your own product's UI and/or integrations page, ready to be listed in your partner’s directory. Frigg powers integrations already listed in marketplaces like the Hubspot’s App Marketplace, Salesforce’s AppExchange, and more.

A Library of Ready-to-Use Connectors

Frigg includes a growing library of API Modules, off-the-shelf code blocks that make adding new integrations even faster. Our existing library includes Crossbeam, Salesforce CRM, Stripe, HubSpot, QBO,, Dropbox, and 25+ more. As Frigg  gains adoption, our API Module library will expand and improve organically, opening up new partnership opportunities.

Not SaaS, and Definitely Not IPaaS

Frigg is not a hosted service, nor is it an embedded white-label iPaaS like or Workato. Frigg is an open, customizable, and free framework, forever “owned” inside your company’s code base. You pay your chosen cloud infrastructure provider (AWS, GCP, Azure, etc.) directly with no markup. Your company remains in full control of integration packaging and pricing, and pays the market rate for cloud computing capacity.

Open, Developable, and Secure

A qualified Node.js developer can improve or build a new Frigg-powered integration with little to no help from Left Hook. The code is available on NPM and Github under a standard MIT license.

Tech Stack(ed)

Frigg is written in Node.js and relies on the framework, but is otherwise highly adaptable to your organization’s stack and CI/CD processes.

Left Hook Services & Support

Left Hook provides professional services to plan an implementation, build or improve API Modules, configure and deploy the framework on your chosen cloud provider, or to build a UI to help your end-customers authenticate and manage their integration instance. To make Frigg work for your SaaS, we partner with your product team to both guide strategic choices or to actually perform a Frigg implementation. And we offer ongoing support and maintenance.