Streak CRM

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About Streak CRM

Streak CRM

Streak CRM is an app that lets you manage your customers, sales, email support, bug tracking, and hiring all inside of Gmail.

While often a sales pipeline CRM, Streak can serve as a lightweight project management system, among many uses.

Left Hook has built out a complex, multi-object integration with Streak at the center of the workflow. We’re deeply familiar with how Streak receives data from other apps, and know well how to customize a wide range of follow-on actions inside Streak.

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Integration Helpers is Left Hook's sister company dedicated to helping businesses build custom workflows and integrations with the Streak CRM API.

Our team of expert developers and consultants are ready to help with any integration challenge.

If you're looking for consulting or custom development on how to use the Streak CRM API to integrate all your apps and tools, Integration Helpers is ready for you. Learn more.