Zapier by the Numbers: Zapier Valuation, Revenue, Users, Employees, and More UPDATED



How big is Zapier? What is Zapier’s revenue? How many Zapier users are there?

As Zapier’s first-ever Trusted App Developer, we get asked these questions all the time.

Since I first wrote this post in 2016 Zapier has grown tremendously and is more public about its astounding success.

Here’s the latest on Zapier’s key metrics!

ZAPIER VALUATION: $5 Billion as reported by Forbes

UPDATED 3/8/21: Forbes reported that Zapier’s valuation has reached $5 billion, which by our math is 35x its current ARR!

This valuation already puts Zapier near or in Bessemer’s “Top Ten” on the Cloud 100.


UPDATED 3/8/21: Forbes reported that Zapier’s annual revenue has hit $140 million.


ZAPIER USERS: 1.5 million businesses

UPDATE: 3/3/2021: CEO Wade Foster told Patrick Campbell on ProfitWell’s “Protect the Hustle” podcast that “1.5 million businesses use [Zapier] each month.”

Some quick math: dividing their reported ARR by their logo customer base = $93/business per year.

This number seems impossibly low for a product that costs at least $25/month, which makes me think that the 1.5 million number still includes some number of free users, despite the very low value provided by a free Zapier account.

However the upside that supports the 35x revenue valuation: If they find ways to increase this “revenue per logo” number by 25%, their ARR goes to $175 million… and their valuation goes to six billion!

ZAPIER SITE TRAFFIC: 30 million visitors

A February 2021 press release states that “every year, 30 million visitors come to Zapier.”

This is the first time we’ve seen “site visitors” promoted as a growth metric for Zapier, suggesting that they will soon be flexing those audience muscles, perhaps in new lines of business. G2, Capterra, and GetApp, watch your backs- could Zapier begin selling data products or advertising?


UPDATE: 2/8/2021: Zapier announced passing the 3,000 app threshold in a press release.

Zapier’s partners added over 1,000 new public apps in 2020, an astonishing number considering Zapier started in 2011.


UPDATE: 3/3/2021: CEO Wade Foster told Patrick Campbell on ProfitWell’s “Protect the Hustle” podcast: “350ish people spread across the country and the world.”

All of Zapier’s employees work remote, a unique feature that Foster gets asked about in interviews.

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