By the Numbers: Zapier Revenue, Zapier Users, Zapier Employees, and More



How big is Zapier? What is Zapier’s revenue? How many Zapier users are there?

As Zapier’s first-ever Trusted App Developer, we get asked these questions all the time.

Since I first wrote this post almost FOUR years ago, Zapier has grown tremendously and is more public about its astounding success.

Here’s the latest on Zapier’s key metrics, many of which were confirmed by CEO Wade Foster in his June 10, 2020 interview with SaaStr’s Jason Lemkin.


UPDATE 12/6/2018: Fast Company reports that Zapier’s revenue crossed the $50 million ARR threshold. This appears to be a 43% increase over numbers reported by Business Insider in January 2018.

*WILD ASS GUESS Updated 2/21/2020: As you’ll read below, Zapier reported 100,000 paid users in April 2019.

We estimate that they’ve grown to about 130,000 paid users in February 2020.

Assuming an average of $50 per account per month, this lands Zapier  north of $80 million ARR in February 2020.

Pretty impressive for a company that is effectively bootstrapped by modern software startup standards.


UPDATE: 2/21/2020: CEO Wade Foster on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis: Zapier has been profitable since 2014.

This is the first time we’ve heard this date disclosed.

ZAPIER USERS: 3 million+

UPDATE: 4/30/2019: Fast Company reported last December 2018:

Now, Zapier’s automation service is growing faster than ever with 3 million registered users, up from 2 million in January and one million in May 2016.

But in April 2019, Foster told Jacob Morgan that Zapier now has over 100,000 paid users almost double his March 2018 total.

As we like to say here in New Hampshire, that’s wicked growth!

Interestingly, Zapier’s total number of users is still ~3 million- suggesting that Wade and the team has done a solid job this past year of forcing formerly free users into a paid plan.

Considering the very small number of tasks available with its free plan, Zapier isn’t really a freemium product anymore, but it sure is sticky- to the tune of +40k new paid users in the past 12 months.


UPDATE: 2/11/2020: Zapier announced passing the 2,000 app threshold in a press release.

Zapier’s Head of Partnerships posted on Linkedin in early February 2020 that the company’s “next stop: 10,000 apps.”


UPDATE: 2/21/2020: CEO Wade Foster on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis: Zapier now has more than 300 employees.

All of Zapier’s employees work remote, a unique feature that Foster gets asked about in interviews.


Just $1.2 million according to multiple sources, including Crunchbase. Angel investment guru Jason Calacanis describes Zapier as a “mega-pegasus” for raising so little money, but creating so much enterprise value.

This news story from Silicon Prairie News announced Zapier’s first fundraising round in October, 2012:

Zapier, which makes a platform for syncing data between web applications, today announced a $1.2 seed round featuring investment from Bessemer Venture Partners and Draper Fisher Jurvesten. The round also includes investment from a pair of Columbia-based investors, Brant Bukowsky and Brent Beshore, as well as Wufoo co-founder Kevin Hale, Michael Liou, Kim Miller, Jon Murray, Mike Stachowiak and Ben Li.

Foster also told Calacanis that they had achieved amazing growth with just a single round.

From his March 2016 interview:

Calacanis: And you’ve only raised $1 million?

Foster: One million and change, yeah.

Calacanis: You’re capital efficient, huh? You’re making more money per year than you’ve raised!

Foster: Correct.

That’s the way to do it. That’s it.

Foster: …Capital efficiency is back in style, thank goodness.

Calacanis: But You’ve only had to dilute 20% of your cap table!

Foster: I very much like that.

Calacanis: So you get to own this huge chunk of your own company, and be in control of your own destiny. That’s good. You’re doing it right, Wade.

Foster: We’re trying to do the triple triple, double double double thing that investors talk about…. eventually before you know it, you’re a $30 million revenue business.

Citation Date: This Week in Startups, March 1, 2016

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