Zapier by the Numbers: Zapier Valuation, Revenue, Users, Employees, and More UPDATED


How big is Zapier? What is Zapier’s revenue? How many Zapier users are there?

As Zapier’s first-ever Trusted App Developer, we get asked these questions all the time.

Since I first wrote this post in 2016 Zapier has grown tremendously and is more public about its astounding success.

Here’s the latest on Zapier’s key metrics!

ZAPIER VALUATION: $5 Billion as reported by Forbes

UPDATED 3/8/21: Forbes reported that Zapier’s valuation has reached $5 billion, which by our math is 35x its current ARR!

This valuation already puts Zapier near or in Bessemer’s “Top Ten” on the Cloud 100.


UPDATED 3/8/21: Forbes reported that Zapier’s annual revenue has hit $140 million.

ZAPIER USERS: +2.5 million active monthly users

UPDATED 11/16/2021: A recent press release from Zapier says that “More than 2.5 million users come to Zapier every month.”

Previously CEO Wade Foster told Patrick Campbell on ProfitWell’s “Protect the Hustle” podcast that “1.5 million businesses use [Zapier] each month.”

Some quick math: dividing their reported ARR by their logo customer base = $93/business per year.

This number seems impossibly low for a product that costs at least $25/month, which makes me think that the 1.5 million number still includes some number of free users, despite the very low value provided by a free Zapier account.

However the upside that supports the 35x revenue valuation: If they find ways to increase this “revenue per logo” number by 25%, their ARR goes to $175 million… and their valuation goes to six billion!

ZAPIER SITE TRAFFIC: 30 million visitors

A February 2021 press release states that “every year, 30 million visitors come to Zapier.”

This is the first time we’ve seen “site visitors” promoted as a growth metric for Zapier, suggesting that they will soon be flexing those audience muscles, perhaps in new lines of business. G2, Capterra, and GetApp, watch your backs- could Zapier begin selling data products or advertising?


UPDATED: 11/16/2021: A recent press release noted “more than 4,000 apps” on Zapier. Co-founder Mike Knoop noted in a recent keynote that Zapier added over 1,000 new public apps in 2021 alone.

ZAPIER HEADCOUNT: +700 Employees

UPDATED 10/14/2022: CEO Wade Foster gave an interview to the YCombinator Blog in which he said Zapier is “almost a team of 700.”

All of Zapier’s employees work remote in over 30 countries.

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