About Fabric8


Fabric8 is a Apache 2.0 Licensed upstream community for the JBoss Fuse product from Red Hat.

It's is an integration platform based on Apache ActiveMQ, Camel, CXF,Karaf, HawtIO and others.

It provides automated configuration and deployment management to help make deployments easy, reproducible, and less human-error prone.

The latest GA version of JBoss Fuse (v6.1), was recently released and is based on v1.0 of Fabric8.

Fabric8 unifies and packages those open-source projects to help you build integrations between systems and also tackle non-functional requirements like managing your deployments, service discovery, failover, load balancing, centralized configuration, automation, and more! It also gives a clear path to cloud deployments, such as on PaaS The best part is it's familiar to people who already use Camel or ActiveMQ which are the most popular open-source integration libraries and messaging platforms respectively.


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