About RapidAPI


RapidAPI lets developers find, try and connect to APIs more easily. Call an API directly from your browser and export the code straight into your app in whatever language you like (NodeJS, PHP, Python, cURL, Java, Objective C).

As you connect to multiple APIs, you just call Rapid instead of calling each individual API. RapidAPI manages all those connections and saves all your API keys. That way, you can keep your code nice and clean and focus on creating.

RapidAPI lives in the cloud, so any backend created with RapidAPI is automatically hosted online. Users don't have to worry about deploying or maintaining their apps. Also, because it uses servers in multiple data centers around the world, users enjoy best-in-class performance out of the box.

RapidAPI can be integrated with any app or website. Because RapidAPI uses a REST API for communications, users don't have to install any special libraries and can use RapidAPI with any platform. Moreover, RapidAPI automatically generates code snippets to be copied and pasted into the frontend.


Need help integrating your apps with RapidAPI?

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