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Left Hook launches universal integrations for SaaS companies.

This includes Zapier Public Apps, Microsoft Power Automate connectors, Hubspot Marketplace apps, any many more.

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Left Hook Process and Pricing

Is your SaaS ready for all this opportunity? Let's find out!

Your first step is to purchase our Ready Report, a one-time $495 fee that delivers our Competitive Analysis, Developer Experience and API Review, and an assessment of your product's many Integration Opportunities.

Our Ready Report starts at $495.

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Left Hook builds universal integrations for our SaaS customers. We produce and distribute code to other third-party platforms on your behalf.

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Incoming! The more your customers love your Integration Opportunities, the more improvement and support they'll require.

APIs change. Code fails. And your users will do things we never expected. Our Annual Support Plan supports both users and code.

Support is a required add-on to your IO Plan starting at $200/month.

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Is Your SaaS Ready for its Integration Opportunity?

Is your SaaS ready for all this opportunity? Let's find out!

The Ready Stage involves a Competitive Analysis, Developer Experience and API Review, and an assessment of your product's many Integration Opportunities.

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Ready Process

Our Ready Report is a testing and consulting process that answers critical questions before you subscribe to any annual IO Plan.

The report consists of thee sections:

First is a Competitive Analysis, where we analyze your competitors and recap what integrations they currently support, with a specific focus (at this moment) on what they have available on Zapier. We also assess your current integrations and compare your offerings to your nearest competitors.

Second is a Developer Experience and API Review, documenting our critiques, concerns, and compliments regarding how your API and overall DX presents to developers.

Third is a Integration Opportunity Assessment, where we recommend Channels where we recommend platforms, marketplaces, directories, and direct partnerships that could be productive Integration Opportunities for your SaaS app. We’ll also provide our breakdown on what could be built today without any further API development on your end, versus which opportunities could be enabled later after additional development is complete.

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The Ready Package is $495 for a one-time, fixed fee.

If your API is particularly large or complicated, this price may not apply. Let's discuss.

Note that this price does not include any IO Plan credits or our Annual Support Plan. You'll learn more about their pricing below on this page.


The Ready Stage takes 15 business days from the moment we gain working access to your API.

With weekends, expect 21 days.


The Ready Stage results in a finished Ready Report that confirms that your SaaS is ready for the potential technical, marketing, and support challenges that are the natural result of offering new Integration Opportunities.

The Ready Report sets the table for a strategic discussion with our team about how we can build and support your integrations over time.

Sample Ready Report


Let's Get to Building Your First Integration Opportunity

At the end of the Ready Report process, we'll likely propose to launch one or more of your requested integrations.

We prefer to deliver our services via an IO Plan, a flexible annual subscription with a predictable monthly or yearly cost. However, we're most interested in building an engagement model that works for you.

What You Get

  • Our first step is to carefully design and architect to meet the needs of multiple constituencies, with a user-centric perspective.
  • We prefer to build server-less micro-app hosted on AWS, but can handle Azure, Google Cloud, or another cloud provider of your choice.
  • Your tech team will have direct access to the code repository and a license to run it in-house.
  • We'd love to also sell you support and ongoing improvements in a managed service model, but that's negotiable.

How We Price

We offer several different IO Plans tailored to your specific needs. Here are four simple options to help guide your understanding of our pricing:

Example IO Plans:

Estimated # of Integrations Delivered123-45-7
All-In Price
(Year 1)


Support for our Code and Your Customers

Our Annual Support Plan is required with any IO Plan.

When you subscribe to one of our IO Plans, a concurrent Annual Support Plan will be automatically added.

You will receive the first-ever month of support FREE, with an additional eleven additional payments of $200 per month.

Our Support Plan includes a limited number of minutes available for our team to communicate, troubleshoot, and push fixes for existing features that malfunction.

Learn more about our Annual Support Plan specifics.