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What you tell prospective tech partners:

"We'd love to have you, but you need to build to us. Here's our API docs. Let me know when the integration is ready."

It might be hard for them to hear, but its honest. You're a platform now. You offer partners a huge audience- once their integration is live.

Your partner should be motivated to invest dev resources to unlock your platform's GTM love.

And they would, if they weren't Homer hitchhiking:


  • You want more partners in your integration marketplace.
  • Some promising partners lack integration dev capacity.
  • Left Hook accelerates integration development. Just add money.
  • Platform players ( i.e. Zapier & HubSpot) refer Left Hook.

Turns out your prospect's engineers are behind on the product roadmap, too. Their product team estimates kicking off their integration build some time in Q5 2033.

No tech, no partnership. Now you're in the "who builds it" chasm.

For your "better together" story to have a happy ending, somebody needs to get it together. Like literally, using APIs and stuff, before the opportunity window closes.

What if your promising partner could spend reasonable money to get the integration built now, using external devs?


Left Hook Unlocks Tech Partnerships

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Left Hook builds integrations for B2B SaaS companies. We put the tech in tech partnerships, using open source code that your SaaS will "own" at the end.

Over the past seven years, Zapier and HubSpot have introduced Left Hook to dozens of clients. Why? Because both have reached "build to us" platform status. But when a promising partnership starts to fall into that "who builds it" chasm, they know who they're gonna call (or refer).

Left Hook is expert in 40+ different integration marketplaces, from ActiveCampaign to Zapier, and many more in between.

And best if all, we build fast. A new integration can usually be ready for beta testers within a few weeks.

If your tech partner pipeline is backed up, we can unlock it. Left Hook's expert team will master your API and platform, and will support your target partners to build an integration faster. All you need to do is make an introduction.

Refer Left Hook to Unlock Tech Partnerships

Email Tom Elliott (hello@lefthook.com) to learn more

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Refer Left Hook to Unlock Tech Partnerships

Email Tom Elliott (hello@lefthook.com) to learn more