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Why does Deel refer Left Hook
to potential Product Partners?


Our Experience

Left Hook has built an API Module that enables Deel's OAuth 2.0 system for use with our Frigg Integration Framework. The module enables Deel's webhook events and several endpoints related to contractors and organizations. Additional endpoints will be added soon.

While Left Hook has not yet built a Deel integration exemplar, we have +7 years experience building to more than forty different integration marketplaces. Read more about our technology approach in the right column ->


Our Technology Approach

Left Hook builds new integrations on Frigg, our open source framework for accelerating development of direct/native integrations.

Frigg by Left HookFrigg is a middleware tool that is both free to use and free to modify under the MIT license. Frigg leverages serverless technology (i.e. AWS Lambda or equivalent) and can be hosted on your own cloud infrastructure accounts.

All proprietary code is "owned" and controlled by your company on your repositories, for long-term maintainability and cost savings.

Our pre-built Deel connector manages authentication and many existing API features, and is easily extendible to your common use cases.

Frigg is not a SaaS product, and it is definitely not an embedded iPaaS like or Alloy. Learn more about our open source approach to building Deel integrations.

Typical Cost Range

A typical Deel integration costs between $20,000 to $75,000 USD in one-time development hours.

Let's chat to get into the details.

Delivery Speed

Once we have a clear plan to execute (including features, phases, budget, and devops/infrastructure), a new integration can often be ready for beta users within a few weeks.

Let's chat to get into the details.