About Cloudpipes


Cloudpipes is "duct tape for the internet." It is a workflow automation service connecting hundreds of cloud applications. We provide an easy to use visual workflow designer which allows non-technical users to build custom integrations between different cloud services without coding.

Cloudpipes offers a simple visual interface to design “pipelines” - flowcharts that specify what and how data flows between apps. In addition to it’s simplicity Cloudpipes empowers you with the freedom and flexibility to to build complex pipelines that span many disconnected systems, have as many pipes (steps) in them, use logical conditions (if-then-else), iterate over lists of items with for-each loops, schedule pipeline execution at selected intervals or just do one-off tasks that would be too tedious to execute manually.

Thanks to it’s unique features, like Linking, you can achieve full bi-directional continuous data sync between supported systems in as little as two pipelines.


Need help integrating your apps with Cloudpipes?

Check out Integration Helpers, our sister company dedicated to helping businesses like yours use integration platforms to achieve custom workflows and integrations.

If you're looking for consulting, training, or custom development on the Cloudpipes platform, Integration Helpers is your dedicated team.