All work performed by Zapier breaks down into defined Triggers, Searches, and Actions. (We call them “TSAs”.)

A Global App must enable very clearly defined Use Cases that match Zapier’s modular TSA approach.

Here’s how Zapier describes each:

Trigger: What events can my users listen for with Zapier? You can think of a Trigger as a GET or read. It involves Zapier receiving data from your app.

Action: What should my users be able to create or do via Zapier? You can think of Actions as POSTs, writes, or the creation of a resource. It involves Zapier sending data to your app.

Search: What records can I lookup by a particular query? Searches can be useful on their own, or they can be combined with Actions to perform “Get or Create” style logic.

Here are a couple very obvious examples from Zapier’s explanation:

  • Add all new Mailchimp Subscribers to Salesforce Contacts
  • Add all new form entries in Typeform to a Google Sheet
  • Add any attachment to an email in Gmail to a Dropbox folder

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